Webinar: Food-contact recycled plastic (1ª edición)

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  • To identify EU legislation associated with the use of recycled plastics in food contact applications
  • To analyse the specific requirements under this legislation.
  • To discover what has to be changed, controlled, measured, analysed and registered to comply with the legislation.
  • To understand and identify the different situations that may arise and how to solve each one.

Course target

Manufacturers of food-contact plastic packaging.

Food packers.

Recycling companies seeking new applications and/or clients for their materials.

Priority registration will be given to industrial companies and clients associated to AIMPLAS.


1. Introduction to food-contact plastic legislation.

2. Introduction to plastic recycling.

3. Legislation requirements for recycled plastics in food contact applications.

4. Practical case studies:

  • Recycled material from industrial cut-offs.
  • Recycled material from post-consumer waste.


Enrique Moliner Santisteve


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AIMPLAS. Instituto Tecnológico del Plástico.